Leyton Sixth Form College


How to Apply

Register for an Account

Register an account with your personal email address and set a memorable password. You will be asked for basic information such as name, date of birth, and mobile number at this stage. You will be asked for more details later.

Course Selection

Once you register you are taken to our course directory. You can begin adding courses to your basket/application here.

The top grid displays departments, which once selected will display the courses associated with them. You can pick all departments or go through them one by one. Scroll down the page to see the courses. Each course is represented by a blue tile. Add courses to your application by clicking on Apply. The course will go into your ‘basket’.

Each tile gives you a summary of the level, type and length of the course. You can find detailed information on each course by opening the links within the tile.

If you want to study A Levels or Extended Certificates please select THREE Level 3 courses. You are free to combine A Levels with Extended Certificates as long as you pick 3 in total.

We also offer full-time Vocational courses at both Level 2 and Level 3. If you would like to do a vocational course please only pick ONE in your chosen area.

Level 2 courses run for 1 year and you can progress onto a 2 year Level 3 course if successful.

Personal Information

Once you are happy with your course selection, continue with your application. You will need to provide additional personal details including current school, home address, next of kin and their contact details. Please complete the mandatory fields denoted by *.

We would also like to know how you are supported at school and home, as well as ethnicity and date of arrival to the UK. If you have lived in the UK from birth, please select British as your nationality and select the correct responses for that section. If you have not lived in the UK from birth, you will need to upload residency documents to support your application.

We want to make sure that your chosen course is the right option for you. To help us to confirm this, tell us why you have chosen your course(s) and about your future career goals. Write as much as you want.


Enter the qualifications you expect to get from school. We want to know about any GCSEs or BTEC courses you are studying. Please tell us what you are predicted and when you will achieve them. You may have completed some of your courses at school early. Tell us about these too.

Once added, tell us about your referee or personal tutor who can complete a recommendation. If you don’t have a digital copy of your reference we can request one for you. Just provide your referee’s email address and submit.


You can add your own photograph to your application. This is optional. Use our tool to upload an image that meets the requirements.

Submit your Application

On the final page is a summary of your details. Check these and confirm that you want to complete your application. You will see a confirmation with two very important reference numbers. You can print this page to keep the reference numbers safe but you will also receive an email with these details.

We thank you for considering LSC.